The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do (Apple’s “Think Different” commercial, 1997)


I have been amazed with technology and how it shaped our society since I did my thesis research. But this article is not about it. I want to tell you three books that I read this last three weeks. There were two novels and a biography of my favorite man of all time, Steve Jobs. The first novels is The Broker, written by famous lawyer-novelist, John Grisham. The second one is written by Mark Haddon, a British novelist, called The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. The novels were good and inspiring in their  own way as well as the biography. I will tell you why. But before I that allow me to  tell you a brief synopsis of the three books.


Firstly, The Broker is about a dirty-lawyer in the United States who came for protection by pleaded guilty. He went for fourteen years of prison but got released in his third year. The president of US gave him a pardon, but many secret agents wanted him dead. So, The FBI sent him to Italy and put him in a safe house. In order to survive, he learned Italian language from two mentor whose secret agents too. After a while, he managed to make contact with his son and came back to US and completed his revenge. He put a huge amount of money for his sons and his grandson, and he returned to Italy and live their with his former teacher.


Next, The Curious Incident is a semi-detective novel…(I thought it was until I finished reading it. It wasn’t). Mark Haddon brilliantly put the first person point of view, which was a 15 year old boy, in this book. The boy named Christoper,  had some of difficulties. Haddon didn’t mentioned it literally, but he blurb with some term like asperger syndrome, autism and savant syndrome. Christoper adventure began when he tried to find out who killed his neighbor’s dog. He loved Sherlock Holmes, so he played a detective game. But he found out a bitter truth about his mother and his father’s life. His difficulties made his mother run away and live with other guy. His father wanted to keep it as secret because he thought it will made Christoper sad, so he kept Christoper’s mother letters. When Christoper finally found it, he ran away from his house and went to see his mother in London. He didn’t trust his father anymore and it made the old man very sad. Eventually, Christoper and his mom moved back to their house and arranged a trust-building training with his father. Christoper passed the A level math exam and continued his live with his parents.


Lastly, the biography of Steve Jobs. To be honest, when I wrote this article, I haven’t  finished it yet. But I will give a brief intro about it, because I want to make a special note about the book later on. The first chapters that I have read are mostly about Jobs’ childhood and his education life. It was a colorful life because he was surrounded with various experiments and experience that shaped his life and perspective. Although he was adopted, but his parents made him believe that he was special and they love him so much so that they willing to defer for his needs.


So, why do I  love those books?

Firstly, because they are good. The old man who had to struggle to learn Italian language gave me  ideas of how to study foreign language. He didn’t have any choice, because if he can’t speak Italian, he would be killed. So, every night, he memorized new vocabulary and use them  in conversation. He must do it in Italian accent so that local people won’t be suspicious.  He also read local newspaper, not only because he wanted to know the news in the US, but also because he wanted to study local vocabulary. The most important method is by ordering menu in a restaurant and learn about its story. He did well, because the waiter didn’t suspect anything and treated him the same as local people. As a person who have similar problem, I think his methods are applicable. I did the same things as he did. I try to memorize as many vocabulary as I can and use it in my conversation. Although I can’t dismiss my Javanese accent, but that’s OK for me.

Next,the books make me think about everything more deep and bring out sort of new consciousness. The curious incident made me re-think about parents-children relationships. Difficulties that Christoper faced drove his mother impatient and ran away. I felt sorry and angry about this. In contrast, I admire Christoper’s father calmness and caring feeling. He took good care of his son and make sure that nothing will harm him. Although he did one fatal mistake, But I understand why he did it. It wasn’t easy to explain complex situation to 15 year old boy who saw the world in black and white and everything in order. I think the way his father dealt with his heart break contribute to this mistake. But again, I think the biggest mistake is when his mother leave the house and his son to other man. Christoper didn’t do anything wrong so it doesn’t make any sense to leave him just because she can’t stand with his difficulties. I also love the sentences in this book. They are easy to follow because they were  Christoper’s thought. I love the way Christoper described everything. They are simple yet detail. I know I can use this model in my writing task 1 or in the speaking test.

Lastly, The books made me see the world and think differently. Jobs’ biography inspired me about it. I can’t tell you much longer because I haven’t finished it yet. But surely, this book will be the influential book I have ever read. 😀